Earn Thousands in Free Bitcoin Stocks and More Rewards

Start the new year right by earning thousands of dollars in free offers!

Dubai New Years Fireworks

I was able to achieve many goals this past year, such as my PMP / 365 certifications & reading 60 books. This year I’ll focus on building business income through a home-based business / side hustle.

Luckily there are many ways to earn free money such as through rewards programs, & I made a goal of earning at least $500 worth of rewards within 30 days.

I started with what I knew – opening up a credit card (see my other post on Saving Thousands Using Travel Rewards and Other Hacks).

For credit cards we usually aim for $500 in rewards like travel. At first the Amazon Prime Rewards Card only offers $100, but it also offers 5% back on every Amazon purchase for Prime customers. We easily spend thousands a year there, which easily equates to a few hundred dollars in savings each year.

Next I looked at bank cards. Normally for bank cards they want you to hold a minimum amount, but the bank card I found offers $400 after 2 direct deposits are made.

As I searched for more offers to increase my earnings, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin started rallying up past the $20,000 mark & is projected to reach $400k. So I knew I wanted a little fun money in that as well as some stocks.

After delaying for over 2 years when it was at a low, I finally got Bitcoin using the popular Coinbase platform.

Normally you earn $5 in free Bitcoin for signing up, but if you buy at least $100 in crypto when using this Coinbase invite you’ll earn another $10.

Bitcoin is good to start with, but others like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, & Litecoin are becoming popular to trade as well.

What makes it even better is you can watch quick videos to learn more about some of the up & coming cryptocurrencies, & earn money in those currencies. In fact, earn another $10 each once you’ve signed up using these two links:

Stellar Lumens


I also signed up for some of the stock apps for their offers, & my favorite so far is M1 Finance.

Their offer is similar to other platforms – if you invest at least $100 in a taxable account (or $500 for IRAs) you’ll earn $10 using this M1 Finance invite

There are also others like Robinhood you can check out.

Join with my Robinhood link and we’ll both get a gift stock for the holidays!

In total I know I’ll quickly surpass my $500 goal & am on my way to easily earn a few thousand in rewards for the year. There are other rewards I can take advantage as well, such as shopping clubs and survey rewards.

So every month I’ll keep a look out for the best offers to share so we can all earn thousands in rewards together.

Just keep in mind whatever you earn you’ll need to set aside the necessary taxes on the income you are receiving (more on the best ways to manage that in future posts).

What are your favorite rewards programs? Let us know in the comments