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Argentina Top 3

Ever have a vacation that you felt you had to share? Well I thoroughly enjoyed our recent trip to Argentina, so I’ll share my Top 3 from my trip earlier this month:

  1. Summer skiing in Bariloche – July/August is the peak of winter there. I live in the flat lands of South Florida, so to escape from the heat to the mountains & do some skiing was very nice.
  2. Exploring the big city – we were definitely surprised by how nice the city of Buenos Aires was, like a fancier European version of New York. The city is also a melting pot with different cultures like Italian, so it felt like a second home.  We went to the theatre, did a tango lesson/show, explored the outdoor gardens, & even made our own empanadas.
  3. Enjoying time with the people, culture, & more –
    my favorite trips are ones where we can spend time with the locals, so having friends that grew up in the area definitely helped out. I’m grateful for the amazing service, steak, wine, & more. The US Dollar also stretches far there, so that was an added bonus for someone frugal like me 🙂

As they say in Argentina – Dale! (Let’s go 🙂