Playing With FIRE Documentary: A Movie I Will Actually Watch In Theaters This Year

So before we get into the basics of winning with money, I had to share this one. The Playing with FIRE Documentary is coming to my town! 

Okay for many of you that don’t already know what the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) Money movement is, this video sums in up in less than 7 minutes: 

In future posts we’ll explore money concepts like the power of compounding interest and rapidly accumulating wealth to live off of perpetually without further income.

This documentary is important because it is the first I know of that can introduce the masses to the world of knowledge that is already available in other forms like books, blogs, and podcasts. 

You can attend or host your own screening in your town by visiting their events page at If you happen to be in South Florida we’re scheduled for Monday July 8, so buy your tickets before they sell out and I’ll see you there and post a review afterwards 🙂

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