Fly high

Birds fly in every direction  Don’t let limiting beliefs from others stop you from flying in your direction  There are broke people spending all their money that are afraid you are saving and investing too high  There are uneducated people who think we can’t learn topics like technology or money for ourselves and need to […]

Playing with FIRE SOLD OUT movie review and experience

The Playing with FIRE documentary movie premiere in South Florida earlier this week was great! I was introduced to the concept of FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early) by a wise friend just 2 years ago, so the night was also special to celebrate my FIREversary and introduce family and friends to the power of […]

Playing With FIRE Documentary: A Movie I Will Actually Watch In Theaters This Year

So before we get into the basics of winning with money, I had to share this one. The Playing with FIRE Documentary is coming to my town!  Okay for many of you that don’t already know what the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) Money movement is, this video sums in up in less than 7 […]