Fly high

Birds fly in every direction 

Don’t let limiting beliefs from others stop you from flying in your direction 

There are broke people spending all their money that are afraid you are saving and investing too high 

There are uneducated people who think we can’t learn topics like technology or money for ourselves and need to pay experts as the only way 

There are obese people that don’t want to think too much about the food that enters our bodies, and worry we’ll injure ourselves practicing sports like ninja obstacles 

Don’t be afraid to fly 

Fly high 

Imagine Dragons – Birds (Animated Video) 


Playing with FIRE SOLD OUT movie review and experience

The Playing with FIRE documentary movie premiere in South Florida earlier this week was great! I was introduced to the concept of FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early) by a wise friend just 2 years ago, so the night was also special to celebrate my FIREversary and introduce family and friends to the power of the FIRE movement at a SOLD OUT crowd.

So how do you explain FIRE in a short amount of time to others? A story of course! In this case, Scott Riekens the Executive Producer dives deep into it with his family, moving out of their expensive California home to sacrifice for a better life long-term. Don’t expect an action blockbuster, but all the big names in FIRE are there and the video quality from Director Travis Shakespeare is superb. Just to see Vicki Robin and Mr. Money Mustache on the big screen was perfect for me. 

Before the movie we were able to meet up for happy hour with food and drinks. I was expecting the crowd to all be retired 30 somethings, but it was a great group with over 20 of us from all walks of life. It was great to hear from others and their stories, including the events they gather at such as CampFI. 

After the movie we also stayed for a special surprise giveaways of books and other prizes from those in the community. We also heard from a couple enjoying their post-FI freedom while living in the Florida Keys. The prizes even included two tickets for FinCon, one of the biggest yearly events that the FIRE community meets for. I didn’t win those, but I did win a toy set for the kids and a FIRE bumper sticker for me that I proudly placed on my 12 year old Toyota Prius. Also my friend Ronald who is currently ranked #1 in the Florida Ninja League joined in and even took a couple pics of the fun. My mom, sister, and wife joined in on the fun as well, and my brother-in-law who was in town even made it to the happy hour beforehand. 

One of the challenges coordinating this event was that the movie is not available streaming at this time, and playing the movie at a theater required that we had at least 60 tickets minimum sold on a weekday. Steven from Even Steven Money was kind enough to setup the event, so I set a goal to tell everyone I know about it and invite them. We knew the event was also a great excuse to get together before-hand for a happy hour. Sharing with our local FI group from the ChooseFI podcast definitely helped, and I also had 5 others join me. 

You can attend or host your own screening in your town by visiting their events page at If you need to find people to join in on the fun there are usually local FIRE groups in most areas – e.g. Meetup, Facebook, etc. You can also find an e-mail template that Scott sends his friends to help explain FIRE, or you can point them to other helpful resources to get them started. 

I definitely will take advantage of opportunities like this so we can spread the power of FIRE to others. Maybe we can even create a Global Financial Independence Day? Sometime close to July 4 may work well for my American friends 🙂 


Playing With FIRE Documentary: A Movie I Will Actually Watch In Theaters This Year

So before we get into the basics of winning with money, I had to share this one. The Playing with FIRE Documentary is coming to my town! 

Okay for many of you that don’t already know what the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) Money movement is, this video sums in up in less than 7 minutes: 

In future posts we’ll explore money concepts like the power of compounding interest and rapidly accumulating wealth to live off of perpetually without further income.

This documentary is important because it is the first I know of that can introduce the masses to the world of knowledge that is already available in other forms like books, blogs, and podcasts. 

You can attend or host your own screening in your town by visiting their events page at If you happen to be in South Florida we’re scheduled for Monday July 8, so buy your tickets before they sell out and I’ll see you there and post a review afterwards 🙂


Who Am I, and What To Do Now that Work is Optional

What would you do if money were no object? If you haven’t already seen the video just go back to my first post. 

It took me over a year of thinking about it, as well as developing my financial literacy when I realized that I never have to work again.

To be clear I would have to severely downgrade our family’s current lifestyle, but having just the bare-bones level of Financial Independence (FI) is immensely powerful = FREEDOM!

You’ll hear about FI a lot in my weekly posts as I teach my kids starting with the basics.


Welcome to the Next Level

America is #1!

Currently we have the most millionaires 

We also have the highest debt with over $22trillion (debt counter) 

We’d rather talk about religion than money, so we don’t learn about it 

How can we possibly change this mess? 

We teach ourselves and then others 

Once a week starting with the basics and build from there