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Devices For Healthy Wallet

Devices & Services for a Healthy Wallet – Save Money and Stay Fit

Recently I got a new watch, new phone service, & replaced my phone screen. Luckily all three are actually saving me a lot & keeping me healthy. More on that:

  • Cell service – $15/mo Mint Mobile

    I was tired of being overcharged on cell service, especially living in a “dead zone” where all the providers are bad. So when my contract was up I saw Mint Mobile was offering a great plan for $15/mo. The service works off of T-Mobile’s network, & has been working great.

    Mint Mobile plans start at just $15/mo, and include high speed data, plus unlimited talk and text. Use my unique link and you’ll get $15 added to your Mint account, and I’ll get free Mint too. Win-win
  • Cell phone – $60 iPhone 11 DIY screen repair

    My last phone I decided to go without a case. When I slipped it cracked the screen, & I ended up having a local service repair the screen. When the screen started having problems just 13 days later, I hesitantly repaired it a second time with them.

    The phone worked for a while, but then got ocean water in it & had screen issues for a third time. I wasn’t about to overpay for another screen repair. I finally decided to try to replace the screen myself using a repair kit. It was really easy to do, & it is great having a working screen again.

    If you ever need to repair a phone screen like for iPhone 11, then just follow this link If your phone is a different brand/model, just change the search to look for a screen repair kit for that model phone, & you’ll see just how easy it is to do.
  • Watch – $15 Apple Watch

    I’ve always been hesitant to buy a watch, but luckily my health insurance plan has a program where I can earn a practically free Apple Watch by keeping up on activity. You can read more about the new Apple Watch I am enjoying at

How are you saving money on devices & services? Let us know @NextLevFi