Celebrating 3 Years Pursuing Financial Freedom

This week 7/7 marks 7 years until my goal of reaching full financial freedom while still in my 40s. Just a few years ago I felt trapped in a job while fighting massive debt & making little progress.

To celebrate progress towards money & life goals I toasted with a tasty drink (vanilla stout to be exact), enjoyed games with family/friends, & had a great trail run.

Whenever I feel the urge to spend, I remind myself that the money saved compounds to an astronomical figure that is not worth it to me.

For those new to FIRE I updated our welcome package that I give to family & friends that are open to the message.

My girls are also catching on, so next month we’re hosting a gaming tournament while also learning useful skills like coding to accelerate our pursuit of a life of Work Optional.

What are you going to do to celebrate your money & life wins? Let us know in the comments

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