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In July 2017 I met up with an old friend who was making transformational changes to his finances & life. He started the conversation with “so have you met Mr. Money Mustache?…” 

Little did I know that it would lead to a pursuing a wealth of information & taking massive action by following a powerful movement known as FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). 

FIRE is profoundly changing our lives for the better and allowing us freedom, not just financially but in mastery of all aspects of life. Call us a cult if you want, but we look forward to sharing our success stories as we conquer every aspect of our lives and achieve greatness. 

Groups/Events – You can find local groups of us that meet regularly & share money & life wins – what we’re learning, creating, & much more.

To get you started in understanding it all: 

Video: 7min intro to FIRE “Can You Really Retire in Your 30s“, Compounding to millions with FIRE, movie Playing with FIRE documentary

Podcast: ChooseFI start with episode 100 then follow the order 

Book/audiobook: “The Simple Path to Wealth,” & many more 

Blogs: Mr. Money Mustache 

Top changes to get started: 

Change your mindset – refer to this article The Tail End & value your remaining time on this earth 

Save & invest half – in low-fee investments like Vanguard’s VTSAX index funds 

Get a library card – and listen/read every day 

Meditate/exercise – daily 

I look forward to lots more time to spend with my family & friends – Carpe Diem.

For those of you just getting starting on your journey to mastering money, you can learn more About Me, & feel free to dive in to my earlier content and go from there:

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